one hope, one voice

Post date: Jun 15, 2012 1:40:31 PM

This story just came in last night from anonymous. Thank you so much for sending hope ...

" My story is one inspired by someone who is HIV and how they brought hope into my life. I found myself in a room of recovery and there was a very clean cut young man, he looked like he could have been class president . When he spoke I was amazed how he openly shared that he was HIV along with the truth of his journey. As I got to know him I was so inspired by how he chose to live his life and how he moved through the world. I am sure he continues to be an inspiration to many as he carries his message of hope to others struggling with their journey. He gave me the possibility that I could make it in recovery too. Hope is a gift easily shared, if we only have the courage.

Hope brings blessings to others and often we are not even aware of the hope we give. My hope is that by sharing my story it will bring hope to another and expand this energy out into the world, like the way light passes over water. May my story in some small way bring honor to his life, as I feel such deep gratitude for his presence in my life over 15 years ago.

We all need hope, may its blessing come to you. Namaste."

waiting for more voices ....