Post date: May 13, 2013 1:03:32 PM

These words came to me during a walk on a Sunday afternoon in the wood when I stopped to take a photo, listen to the song of a bird, capture another image, and embrace the gentle breeze as we left the wood to return home ...

In this moment, in the stillness of being I bask in Thy Light. Oneness with All That Is. The waters ebb and flow as they rise to new heights with the spring rains. No struggle within the waters, but smoothly letting go, following the journey as it reveals itself along the way. I can choose to go with the flow or hold on to what is. Struggle blocks Thy Goodness while Thy Light rests easy on my soul, waiting. Patience.

A song creates cherished freedom through becoming that which must be expressed.

A longing to wrap, bind, entwine my soul around Thee, forever clinging to Thy Way.

A hope released ... May I be a seed of Thy Love planted into the Consciousness of Being.

Thy Light radiates in all its splendor on the other side of the wood, just beyond my reach. But I can clearly see it exists within my being as I lift up my hand to gather in Thy Beauty.

In the still moments I can hear Thy Voice whispering through the gentle breeze on my soul, as I leave the magical wood. ippac1, 5/2013