1prayer from the quiet space ...

Post date: Apr 26, 2013 7:03:59 PM

the light prisms fell on 3 pieces that were removed from the quiet space --the I Ching #11, Peace. On the full moon I removed the pieces and wrote this prayer, then rolled them into a scroll.

The prayer words came after listening to Jorge Ben singing Jorge da Capadocia on 04.23.2013.


Thank you for this day's revelations

may those who go before us be blessed by love,

may we walk with our angels this and every day,

and hear their voices clearly

guiding us to be our very best,

being true to goodness,

being true to creation,

being true to compassion,

being true to Thy Will.

May we walk in mercy

forever guided by love,

learning to see

through the eyes of Thy Angels

so be it ....