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1ness in2 wordlessness ....

posted May 28, 2013, 6:33 AM by ippac 1   [ updated May 28, 2013, 7:05 AM ]

There is a real space where we exist in oneness that transcends the spoken language.  And it is in this space all possibilities exist.  Animals can be one key that unlock the door to this space for us.    
Recently I watched Emm take a little girl there.  She was drawn to Emm like a magnet and wanted to pet him.  Her parents told me that she was way too shy to speak to strangers.  So I said that is okay, and with their permission guided her on how to pet Emm safely. Then by grace, I got to witness the two of them connect wordlessly.  It was amazing to be present in the space of oneness with them.  Even though it only lasted several minutes, time connected us into this space of suspended oneness.  For some reason this child's words would not come easily to strangers, but there was a world of thought within her waiting for expression.  I believe Emm opened the door for her even if just a tiny bit.
There are many ways to connect with the space of oneness through our daily lives and routines. The path reveals its way to us through wordlessness and stillness, if only for brief moments at a time.  Preparing foods, standing in line, gazing at a flower or rock, these simple daily routines can lead us into oneness when lived in awareness ... and sometimes we end up there unexpectedly.
Today Paulo Coehlo tweets," Don't let anyone make you feel that you don't deserve what you want.", I agree and believe that little girl would too, as she successfully got what she wanted - wordlessly.  Through grace, she and Emm led me into the space of 1ness with them.  Make your dreams happen... begin by believing in them and your ability to create wordlessly...