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"All of us have IN OUR VEINS the exact same percentage of SALT in our blood that exists in the ocean...we have salt IN OUR BLOOD, in our SWEAT, in our TEARS.  We are tied to the ocean.  And when we go back to the sea...we are going back to whence we came." - John F. Kennedy, 1962.


began as an idea

for a quiet space

to observe the practice of art...   

In its essence  zenart 

means to "observe art" ...


where the process of creating art

happens ...

be a part of the process ...

The Mustard Seed Project
ongoing &
Creating Space 
For New Works in Progress 


A Soul's Journey

 “If success or failure of this planet
 and of human beings 
depended on
 who I am
 what I do
How would I be?  
What would I do?” 
-Buckminster Fuller 


"In 1965 Smalley was presented with a dilemma.  Solving the problem soon became his personal mission...
At the time, stranded seals and sea lions were visibly suffering alone...especially the
new born harbor seal pups, which, ...
have an uncanny knack for saying
So well meaning people brought these sick animals to Smalley in the hopes they would receive treatment... But again and again Smalley had to break the news there was no place to take these sick and suffering animals...
By the end of 1965, Smalley agreed to take the ailing animals and the word quickly spread. "  Today the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA is a state of the art hospital, research center, and education facility.
"...the diseases that its scientists have discovered in animals have alerted us to dangers that humans might soon face...
seals and sea lions swim near urban coasts, eat the same fish that we do, and suffer from diseases that could afflict humans..."
Call to the Rescue, The Story of the Marine Mammal Center by Joe Quirk.


Inhale ...
As the journey opens
to reveal its beauty
one inhales the magnitude
of nature ...
a feast for the eyes...
food for the soul

What if
our philosophies are
WE are the
How are we doing ?
. . .


allows the journey
to reveal its meaning
letting go of 
predefined perceptions
a new path beckons
illuminating Direction...
Mile Marker 26

Life gives brief spaces
creating full circles
for beginnings
glimpses of awareness
for endings
letting go of desires

To embark on a Journey is to 
Discover New Depths
within one's Soul
reflecting on
surrounding views

A Journey begins with a thought
A Journey ends with new awareness
One leads to another
a circle
never ending
Preparing for the Journey is
or considered separate...
Not even a part of
the Journey
overshadowed by expectations
of the Destination
As when
on the OBJECT in
not the PROCESS in
to create
small moments
Works of Art
Life happens
Discover meaning
truth within beauty
Life Is
 Art Works

waiting for more ...
coming soon
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Creating Awareness:
"Creativity Crisis"
Link to July, 2010 Newsweek Article, 

"29 Ways to Stay Creative (and be happier)"



Bonnie Ware is a nurse who worked for years assisting the dying ...

The number ONE REGRET is -
"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me ..."


Your Bookmark is Our Dream
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"If man in a time of need seeks deeper 
knowledge concerning himself, then he must explore those animal horizons from which we have made our quick little march." - Robert Andrey, African Genesis, 1961.

One Art Place is where ART creates awareness for non-profit organizations working to make our world better.

 See Art Work
is one dream, one possibility, one belief, that if we shift our focus from the object to the process, then art works to generate awareness.

We are small and we believe we can grow by word of mouth. 

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